The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide: 
Creating an Integrated Management System
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"A remarkably easy-to-read, highly authoritative guide to a very complex standard.  Suzan Jackson shows us how environmental management and business improvement are no longer mutually exclusive goals."
                              - Robin Gildersleeve, President
                                 INFORM (International Forum for Management Systems, Inc.)
"Jackson's book...provides a comprehensive view of both interpretation and implementation, with bulleted lists of what should be included in specific sections of a plan as well as additional tips....I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to start developing an EMS to satisfy ISO 14000.  It might be the only book on ISO 14000 a company would need..."
                               - Excerpted from a review in the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology Journal
          "This book provides an abundance of good information on creating and implementing an ISO 14000-compliant environmental management system.  The author provides considerable evidence that an environmental management system can be good not only for the environment, but also for the organization's bottom line...
          This book is logical and easy to understand and provides step-by-step directions for each clause of the standard.  Especially useful are the tips, warnings, and keys to success found throughout the implementation portion of the book, and considerable insight is provided into the sections of the standard that appear to be vague...
          Jackson's book will be most useful to those designated as management representatives.  It is comprehensive, yet readable from start to finish.  This book will also be useful to anyone in the organization involved in implementing an ISO 14000-based environmental management system.  For those who are new to the topic, it provides a wealth of background information.  For those familiar with ISO 14000, it offers useful tips and suggestions for implementing an environmental management system that will benefit the organization."
                                        - Roger E. Olson, Quality Systems Consulting
                                           Excerpted from his review, which appeared in Quality Progress magazine
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"This book is an invaluable asset in the EHS managers' quiver of reference tools. Ms Jackson presents what initially seems like a disjointed standard in terms that a layman can understand. Additionally, she adds insight and tips to guide even the seasoned veteran through the labyrinth of requirements that is ISO 14001. Graphics, examples and case studies are used throughout the book to impart to the reader a practical implementation scheme based on business case scenarios."
                              - David L. Brown, Environmental Process Leader
                                 Owens Corning
The ISO 14001 Implementation Guide
Expert guidance on implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the ISO 14001 standard
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